Ocean Diver Training at Fort Bovisand

A cool, but very clear and calm morning greeted Sophie, Tomas, Jo, Sunshine and myself down at Fort Bovisand, and with a friendly hello from Steve at the Joint Services Sub-Aqua Diving Centre, we were kitting up for our first dive.

The first dive was for Tomas's Ocean Diver with Sophie running things, and me mostly towing along the SMB and being a body as required - we did get out to a nice big cannon though!  Also found a friendly pipefish on the way back in.

Second dive Tomas and Sophie went their way, whilst Jo and I carried on past the cannon to find a big anchor. Lots of Cushion Starfish about, along with Velvet Swimming Crabs and Squat Lobsters living in the cracks in the harbour wall.  A very nice bimble in the end!

Bovisand Harbour