Foolhardy or just hardy - Plymouth Sunday 23rd October

The easterly forecast didn't put Rob, Phil, Steve and Ian off taking Viking down to Plymouth for a couple of dives before the visibility disappeared.  It was a bit unusual being one of a few boats out on the water apart from the Royal Navy and a couple of yachts, but we still took the trip out and tucked in behind the Mewstone.  We got about 10m visibility, I was happy swimming through the kelp topped gullies looking at snakelocks anemones feeling like a seal.  Steve and Phil dropped on to the reefs next, surfacing as the sea started getting rough.  Rob then took us back into the Sound, learning how to handle the boat in a bigger sea, before we tucked behind the breakwater fort.  Rob and I dropped in again, this time to follow the trail to the Glaucus cylinder, seeing pink sea fans and jewel anemones on the commercial diving training rig.  Then it was Steve's turn to helm the boat back to Mountbatten.