Brixham 2/4/17

On 2nd April, 7 club members went to Brixham, though with some concerns over the expected conditions. Very recently, viz had been declared 'dire'.

However, in glorious sunshine, and with only a light onshore wind, the divers entered the slightly ruffled water. Viz was far better than expected, and I regret not taking my camera along. Buddy lines were put away, and the 3m of viz was very pleasant. The dive was only limited to 50 mins by the 9°C water temp.

A very good dive, followed by an excellent Bistro breakfast. There were numerous trainee divers at Brixham, coping easily with the conditions, and also their semi-dry suits. Thanks to those who came, and helped make an excellent Sunday morning. 

The 2017 season is now well and truly open.

Andy Laird