James Egan Layne - 8/4/17

On the 8th April, we took Viking to Plymouth for a morning dive on the James Eagan Layne.

Unusually we had the James to ourselves and had reasonable visibility of around 4 meters.

As Colin and I descended the shot line the wreck came into view a bit quicker than expected as Ian had managed to place the shot just off the wreck. Swimming towards the stern we found a couple of edible crabs in the side of the hull. Unfortunately, they decided to retreat into the hull when the camera came out. Continuing around we found a spider crab that was less camera shy. Instead of heading off to find the stern section of the wreck, we headed forwards towards the bow section passing what is left of the engine and crossing though the remains of one of the holds before ascending from near the bow.


Throughout the wreck there was an abundance of life including crabs, blenny, bib, star fish and some small pink seafan corals.


YouTube video of the spider crab