This was to be one of the slickest days dives I can ever remember!! I have suffered many and still come back for more!

Paul and Chris (he is threatening two pages, probably narcosis effect, I suggested he did not know that many words - I will probably be proved wrong!) are going to write up their dives.

Bryan Radford and I dived the western edge of Burgh island (launched Hope Cove). The weather was perfect, cloudless sky and a 5mph off shore wind.

The viz. was in excess of 10m and the water temp about 10-12°C. The gullies off Burgh island are extensive rising 4-5m off a sandy sea bed and fading into white sand to the west. Most of the best of the west's fauna is to be found encrusting the gullies. Lots of reef fish including dog fish, wrasse, dragonettes etc. We saw one cuttle fish which stayed around for quite a while, a single large sea urchin (common off Bolt Tail) and a nice cluster of actinothoe (white anaemone). Lots of large male spider inhabited the gullies, one even headed towards me with great expectations until he realised I wasn't quite what he was looking for!!

This is one of the best shallow reef dives out of Hope and I would recommend it to any one. Bryan and I managed 62 minutes and it was true value for money.

Many thanks to Paul for organising the day and to Chris Giles for towing the boat and getting it in and out of the water so efficiently.