The figures detailed below should give a good indication of how much joining and diving with us will cost.


  • £140 Annual Branch subs, for clubhouse, air etc.
  • Branch Veterans (more than 15 years membership) pay half the branch subs.
  • Costs for Annual HQ subs, for SCUBA magazine and Third Party Insurance can be found on the BSAC website.


  • Training is free, except for the required books. All members pay the normal pool subs.


  • £15 or thereabouts for first dive off the club boats per day. Price may be increased on the day for distance and number of divers.
  • £5 or so for subsequent dives off the club boats on the same day.
  • These fees also apply for training dives from the boats.

Air & Nitrox

  • Air included in subs
  • Oxygen for Nitrox is 1.5p per litre on top of air charges, members only.
  • We cannot supply air or Nitrox to divers or others who are not diving members of Exeter BSAC.

Swimming Pool

  • £2.00 for adults, £1 for children 14 and under.
  • Guests welcome, we all pay the same.


We can supply some equipment for pool training and early sea dives.

We expect all members to have their own kit by the time they are qualified as Ocean Divers or higher. Having your own mask, fins and snorkel is a good place to start.