My summer holiday inside the Arctic Circle.

I leave home at stupid o'clock for the 02.15 coach for Heathrow, flight at 7:50, arrived Oslo 10:45 local time. Then 14:45 flight to Evenes, landing at 16:25. Exit the airport, to see a Landie driving up, great timing from Kyrre. The drive to Harstad is quite something; patches of snow on some of the mountains and crystal clear looking water. Kyrre drops me of at the Hostel (very basic, but clean), arranging to be back in 30 minutes while I put my gear together.

The Belgica is probably Kyrre's nearest dive, about a minute's drive from his house. A wooden ship sunk by a German bomb in 1940. She lies in about 22m, sitting upright. Some others are diving nearby, but not on the wreck so we will have it for ourselves. Kyrre's mate Frode is also going to be joining us, so we take our time putting the gear together.

The water is just about OK for no gloves (10°C), but I decide that they will be a good idea to use in future. It is a short surface swim to the wreck.

The wreck is swarming with squat lobsters, I have never seen so many, and also huge mussels, 6-7 inches long. Tough to eat I gather. We find some blocks; I take them to be firebricks, but find out afterwards that they are TNT. Within the net draped bow, there are a couple of huge fish, one about a metre long. They are Lingen?

Max. depth 21.3m, 61 minutes, 40%, 10°C.

We then return to Kyrre's place, where Kate has laid on burgers and rolls. I am also introduced to Frid, Kyrre's daughter. A great end to a long day.