About an hour's drive to this site, again a shore dive. The wreck is about 100m off shore in 22m. It is a steel freighter with the centre section pretty much blown away, the rest being in a pretty good state. We are diving in a three until John Gulliver (an English diver, living in Sweden for over 30 years) arrives, Kyrre is taking many pictures, Frode and I practice our same ocean diving skills.

We go down the line (all the sites are buoyed) to the stern of the Karmøy, around the rudder, and along the starboard side towards the bow. There is some netting, but it is a fine mesh and very easy to see - almost solid. There is some kind of flounder, a shoal of herring and lo and behold - a nudibranch. We head back towards the stern deck in about 6m, another flatfish, nudbranchs are seen. The auxiliary steering gear is still in place, along with a stern anchor. Frode nearly puts his hand on a Bullfish at the end, I'm not sure who was the most surprised.

Max. depth 22.2m, 54 minutes, 40%, 7°C

We get an air fill at lunchtime for Frode from the local club, and get some sausages and rolls for lunch. Barbecue on the rocks, about 1km from the first dive.

The second dive is from our dinning table. First over a sandy bottom to the edge of the wall, then down to 30m. Spotted a small skate, Kyrre's first. A bit deeper, then around and back up the wall. A few nudibranchs, the large mussels and starfish knocking abounded. There were also a few small spider crabs, including a flying one - well it landed on me. The dive ended over the sand, playing with shore crabs and watching a small Bullfish.

Max. depth 35m, 49 minutes, 21%, 6°C