The Dronning Maud (Queen Maud) is an excellent wreck - think Rosalie Moller for a warm water equivalent. We drop in from Kyrre's boat, which is tied to a Swedish hard boat also on the wreck. The line takes us to the bow.

We swim around the winches and down onto the deck level. The remains of Bedford trucks are lined up either side of the holds. We swim over them to the mid-ships area, its huge. Then over the next set of holds and more trucks to the stern. Around the stern the wooden slats of seating and wooden rails still remain. The auxiliary steering gear and wheel are complete. We swim back to the mid ships and spend some time looking at the huge vent cowls and slowly circle up the smoke stack. Once we get to the top, we head towards the forward mast and make our ascent through a sea of jellies.

Max. depth 32m, 41 minutes, 32%, 8°C

We are invited onto the Swedish boat for coffee and a look round. They are very well equipped. They can accommodate up to 20 divers with twinsets. Filling whips to the benches, Nitrox etc. They even have a Sauna. Nice.

We get back to shore and recover the boat, planning to do a drift dive under a bridge at Grov on the way home. However once in the water it is clear that we have missed the tide, we are pretty much at slack. The stony bottom is covered with urchins and anemones. There are also beautiful areas of orange plumose anemones. Then a tap and a pointer from Kyrre or Frode.

Me and the Wolffish

Me and the Wolffish (Photo Kyrre Ingebrethsen)


It's a Wolffish, about 7kg. I have always wanted to see one in its environment; they are quite something. Kyrre takes a few pics, then we move on. A single cod is also spotted asleep. Would make quite a meal with some chips.

Max. depth 12.9m, 42 minutes, 21%, 10°C