Just Kyrre and Myself today, Frode has missed out due to a late night. We launch the boat in Harstad and take about 15 minutes to the site, a small islet off of Stornes (Big Point).

The aim is to swim around the island. Kyrre is hoping to get a Wolffish for a barbecue. We drop down to around 30m, and then slowly work our way up. There are many fish, but not Wolfies yet. At about 20m a shoal of herring surrounds me. Kyrre starts to take a pic, and then I notice him signalling me to hold my torch. It is usually dangling below me, but this would look bad. As I pick it up, I notice Kyrre's torch falling. I make a descent to pick it up, and slowly rise the 10m it dropped. We continue our slow ascent, taking pictures of nudibranchs, crabs and even a male Lumpsucker guarding a huge clutch of eggs. We do indeed come up under the boat. Kyrre wished to be known as 'Navigator', but I reckon 'Torch Dropper' to be much more appropriate as he did it again at the boat, this time in 2m rather than 30.

Max. depth 30.2m, 62 minutes, 21%, 11°C

We get the boat back out of the water, and start refilling the cylinders at the Clubhouse, which is about 50m from the slip. Lucky Bastards. I am dropped off at the Hostel, where Frode will pick me up later. Kyrre is picking up John, then meeting us for a dive at Getvik (Goat Bay).

Frode has forgotten his regs (some hangover), so it is John, Kyrre and myself diving another wall. The first things I notice once onto the wall are the huge sea squirts 5-6 inches long. We drop to the seabed, Kyrre and John taking pictures, I do my own thing. I see something that looks like an angle fish with its mouth open. It turns out to be a dead cod or similar. Not been dead long, but hermit crabs and what looked like fleas were already feeding on it. We turn around and start our ascent; I spot another flounder on the way, along with a couple of spider crabs, a sunstar and lots of nudibranch. These are the white and yellow ones that give Kyrre so many problems to photograph.

Max. depth 31.5m, 49 minutes, 21%, 8°C

Back to the hostel for John and myself to clean up, then back to Kyrre's. Kate has cooked a wonderful Lasagne, which turned out to be a favourite of both John and myself.

After dinner relaxation

John, Kate and Kyrre after dinner.