We are not home yet. We now have to get a coach for the trip to Narvik. This takes an hour or so. We clear our beer out of the fridge and check everything has been packed into Frode's car. The drive home takes 90 minutes or so, arriving at Kyrre's for a quick bite and sleep. Its 3am.

I pack my gear properly after waking about 9am. We have a quick stop at the 'Belgica' site where Kyrre describes the dive to some visitors. Then we are off to Evenes airport once again. I check in, then Kyrre checks with his air traffic control colleagues regarding my flight. We have time to drive though the woods to the water. We sit drinking some coffee watching a pair of eagles flying over the fjord. We see my plane coming in so it is back to the airport and goodbyes.

The flight to Oslo takes about 2 hours then 3 hours wait for the flight to Heathrow. At Heathrow I expected a 3-hour wait for the booked coach to Exeter. A bit of good luck, an earlier coach is running a little late and there is space on it for me. If it had been on time, I would have missed it by 10 minutes. I arrive home just before midnight.

I would like to say thank you to Kyrre, Frode and John for being good buddies. I think we had a great time. My thanks also go to Kate for putting me up unexpectedly, and to Frank for taking us to the airport in Narvik. I would like to do this again sometime, perhaps early Spring one year. I will have to get a suitable under suit for then though. 5°C was just about my limit. This has been some of the best shore diving I have ever done.

I would recommend Norway's diving to anyone who likes UK diving.