Everyone keeps telling me that the dives will get better. After five very enjoyable dives I set off for Plymouth for dive number six.

It was decided to dive the James Egan Layne.  Chris and I were the first to dive and I was amazed. There was so much to see and learn. The ship itself was a maze of ribs and struts with lots of hiding places for fish and anemones. Chris caught a dog fish which he handed to me. It  was incredible to feel the strength of its muscles as it tried to swim free. We saw Pollock and Wrasse, corals and anemones. I will need to get a book on identifying everything! It was so interesting weaving in and out of various bits of ship and being able to identify structures and sea-life.

It was almost a disappointment when Chris sent up the delayed surface marker buoy. On the way to the surface we passed the side of the ship coated in a myriad of colours. I''m sure you will all tell me it will get even better, but I will be finding it increasingly difficult to believe. Thanks to Chris especially, for the guided tour!