In spite of the rain and a possible poor forecast, a few of us went to Teignmouth to play...

We arrived at Teignmouth to find the new slipway completed, but not yet available, so used to old one. We made good time to the Lord Stewart, eventually finding it. Paul Hewitt and Brian Greenwood went first, once Brian had sorted his tight mask. They arrived back on the surface after about 35 minutes with a couple of crabs.

Dave McDonald and I then kitted up, entered and made our descent. Nice at first but the visibility deteriorated to about 2m by the time we saw the wreck. And the mono-filament net. Hmm great. This dive ended being more about hard work than fun sadly. There was a bit of a current at times, but my high point was all the plumose anemones in shades of orange and white around the stern.

We came back to the shot line, and decided to ascend. Midway Dave sent up his DSMB, allowing Paul and Brian to lift the shot as agreed when our blob came up. Max depth 30.6m 46 minutes with 30% Nitrox.

Back on the surface the wind had picked up a little, but the return journey was not too bad. Once back on shore and sorted, a quick lunch of fish and chips was enjoyed, with the added entertainment of Exeter University BSAC making some kind of trailer adjustments. Home by 4pm.