Dave and I rolled into the promisingly clear looking sea over the East Tenants Reef (5 miles out from Lyme Regis).

By the time we hit 10m, however, hopes of a good vis dive were fading fast. May water had arrived. Far from finding the promised "best reef in Lyme Bay", Dave and I found a pretty plain bottom, with scattered rocks in 3m vis. This just meant the scallops never saw us coming! Not sure they've got eyes, so how is it they close up as you get close?

We did around ten minutes of stops on our way back from 30m, before handing a disappointed, vegetarian, Tiina our bags of dinner guests and climbing into the boat. I suspect Tiina isn't one of those "seafood is okay" kind of veggies.

We then headed back towards the Baygitano'for Tiina and Phil's dive. On the way we came across a couple of puffins - "ahh cute!". The moment was slightly spoiled when I wondered aloud what puffins tasted like. Dave didn't know, but speculated it might be hard to keep them in the pan. Tiina sighed and rolled her eyes.

Phil and Tiina had a similar vis dive on the Baygitano, Phil surfacing with a third bag of scallops. To prove her hunter heritage, Tiina had a catch of her own, a couple of empty scallop shells. We tried explaining hunting, but she wasn't convinced. Apparently scallop shells are high in fibre, and a good source of calcium. The rest of us are throwing away the good bit (yeah, right).

We returned to shore to let Tiina and father have the rest of the day off. Hopefully his journey home was good.

We then headed back out to the Baygitano with newly qualified Ocean Divers: Geoff and Peter, along with Hilary who was looking forward to her second sea dive. Dave and I took in a victim each on the Baygitano, apparently Phil had got all the scallops on his first dive, neither Dave nor I saw any. There was a fair current running with poorish vis, so Geoff and Peter have widened their dive experience. I had warned that last week's vis was a freak.

Hillary came up fully enthused by her dive, tickling dogfish etc., so all were happy on their return to shore. Hopefully, there will be another dive report.

I believe that Chris is looking to dive out of Hope Cove this weekend, this would provide a wide range of dive options for all. The weather may yet put a spanner in the works.