Due to the gods not looking favourably on us.. the hard boat dives were canned.

Friday night at the club someone? came up with the idea of a dive at Exmouth pier on Sunday afternoon.....

The day was dry so I turned up - I don't go diving when its raining 'cos I might get wet!

The viz didn't look er.. anything, so Chris being a real Diving Officer went in to check it out.

1.5m (that's 4m to you Debs!) so most of the crew decided a walk to the pub was required....

Except for three.....

Adrian, Nick Lyon and myself decided to go in anyway as we wanted to do various kit checks.

Chris told fibs about the viz - it was only ONE metre. Incredible as it seems we managed to stay together for 17 mins, with max depth 10.8m - only losing Adrian at the end of the dive. (We did find him again at the slipway)

Was it worth it?

YES! we made the most of the conditions, and carried out drills and checked kit configuration, in a low viz situation.

I saw Tompot Blennies, Wrasse, Crabs and a Conger. In a bad viz situation you look only at a small area, and it is surprising how much life you can see.

Would I do it again...?


Paul Leyland