A group from www.yorkshire-divers.com met at Vobster Quay.

The mission?

To have a fun dive and raise money for the RNLI...

Exeter BS-AC were represented by...


 a Snowman...

a Fairy....        

and a Viking!  


aka Nick, Julie and Paul

BBC Radio Somerset were there to record the madness...

Julie was interviewed and did a great PR job for the BSAC

Paul was interviewed - a diving pagan amongst the Santas?

Video of the event is going to be on the BBC Somerset webpage.

It was all a bit surreal.. Santas diving

with a snowman, and a fairy


and a viking with an umberella!

and a couple of the best fun dives I have ever had!

The Solstice was celebrated - Mead was consumed post dive, with Christmas crackers, paper hats and mince pies for the non-Pagans!

A really good fun day out

more photos and details at... http://www.yorkshire-divers.com/forums/trip-reports/65228-scuba-santa-22-december-2007-vobster-quay.html#post829157