While some of the club were enjoying the delights of the Galicia, I joined Ben filling a space with his old university club on Fintan out of Plymouth.

It was an early start, ropes off was 8:30. Given the clock change, I was early to bed.

The first site was the Persier. Another boat, Top Gun, had put the shot in, so Ben and I were quickly under water. The shot was not far from the boilers, so we headed off, in the direction of the stern as it turned out.

After a couple of minutes, I spotted a couple of claws. BIG claws. REALLY BIG CLAWS. Don''t believe me?

Have a look.
Lobster nudge











Lobster hold











Anyway, after posing etc. and putting the lobster away in my goody bag, we continued our perambulations. Ben went under the rudder, me over the top. We then headed to the bow, watching other divers put up their DSMBs on the way. A good dive in 8-10m vis, we finshed at the bow putting up our own DSMB and having a pleasant ascent.

Back on the boat we had a good look at the lobster, which became a temporary object of study for many of us. We estimated it weighed 4-5kg.

Lobster boots







The claws are as big as size 9 rigger boots. Also the same colour!









The next dive was the Maine. We took our time wandering over, having lunch and a good surface interval. Once again Ben and I were ready first and dropped in. The current was still running, but the descent was not a hard one. The vis was similar to that on the Persier.

The shot was near the bow, so after a turn around the chain locker, we headed sternwards inside the hull out of the current. Across the torpedo damage opening, then round the boilers. Hello, what''s that. Oh, a lobster. A smaller, but more feisty one. However it still ended up in a second goody bag. We continued through the wreck, making our ascent forwards of the stern.

Back on the boat, we sorted out our gear during the journey back to Plymouth. Ben then took many pictures of the day's catches. While the big lobster was quite something, I don't have a pan big enough to have cooked it. Plus really big have a bit of a reputation of not tasting that good. True or not, the big one was released on the journey home. The smaller one, a mere 1.4kg, is in the freezer.

 Lobster dinner

A grand day out, on two of my favourite wrecks.