Making the most of the decent weather and diving the Rosehill out of Plymouth on Good Friday.

Thank you Chris and Debbie for organising a very nice day's diving from Plymouth (Chris and Debbie also towed).  Chris and Adrian boathandled and my poor old back didn''t suffer in spite of the choppiness. Weather was fine and warm, and there was virtually no current on the wreck.

I dived the Rosehill with Adrian. Chris and Debbie, and Geoff M and Sara also dived on the first wave. Phil, Anne, Dave, Adrian, + C&D boathandling went out for the second dive.

Visibility on the Rosehill was 4-5 m and Adrian and I were fortunate enough to be first down and able to appreciate the best of it as anything kicked up was going to hang about. I didn''t take my camera, but Sara did and took some excellent pictures of orange dead men's fingers, sea fan, daisy anemones, and conger.

Rosehill is pretty flattened out but Chris shotted the wreck perfectly landing the shot very close to the boilers. Adrian and I had a good look round making our way along the wreck - I love the sea fan forest on the hull plates - to the stern. At the stern we looked round the propellor, rudder and gun (which Adrian noticed had fallen over).

As for fish there were lots of bib around, some cuckoo wrasse and pollack. Adrian ferreted out a lobster on the way back to boilers. Saw a lot of very big spiny starfish but I don''t suppose they taste very nice. Forward of the boilers we did a brief circuit before arriving back at the shot deciding to use that for the ascent. Nice easy ascent. 

On the way up we heard a very big boat nearby - or as Geoff later said - the clanking noise meant there was something very wrong with Mir! And at 6m or so a bunch of divers clattered passed us, when that happens you have to watch you don''t get kicked in the face or something. All in all a very good dive and everyone else had a good dive too!

Cheers Chris/Debbie/Adrian!