A cracking dive - exciting scenery and loads of wildlife!

Clint and Anne organised a great trip out of Mountbatten. The consensus was to try and dive Hilsea Pinnacle if sea conditions allowed. Sara boathandled out and there was less swell and chop than feared. The journey taking us past Bovisand was very nice, the little sunshine there was gave us some lovely sunlit views of the coast and the Mewstone.

On site we went straight over the Pinnacle, but had trouble finding it again and dropped the shot in close by. This turned out to be fine because there are a lot of interesting gullies and scenery all around. First in were Geoff and Sara, followed by Phil and Sue.

We hadn''t been there long when another rib arrived belonging to Totnes BSAC; who were very friendly and invited Clint and I to use their shot that went down to a little cave at the head of a deep and narrow gully. Clint and I did a more-or-less free descent toward the shot and over the ledge where it disappeared into the gully.

The vertical walls were plasted with thick animal turf:  jewel anemones, sponges, dead men’s fingers, ross coral, sea firs,..  and all kinds of ''stuff'', starfish, sea cucumbers. Anything else you can think of, it was probably there. Anyway out came the cameras and we spent the best part of the dive there, taking pictures, and enjoying ourselves immensely! Vis was pretty good too, 5-7m maybe.

After about 20-25 minutes we made a very gradual ascent over the edges of the gully and swam up over the jagged rocks. We had bit more of a look around up here and found several dogfish. All too soon it was time to come home.

Back on the surface, having handed up all my kit to Susan on the boat, my right fin fell off (how I don''t know). Out of reach, and powerless to retrieve it, I glimpsed its forlorn journey to the bottom.

The others had found interesting ground to explore and Sara and Geoff saw a blinking great cuttlefish! How big it really was we''ll never know. I don''t suppose it was very big at all.

Susan helmed us back to Mountbatten where pasties (thanks Yas!) and cakes (thanks Anne!) and flasks of tea awaited. Getting sorted out at the car park Clint''s towel provided a makeshift viewing booth for looking at our pics and to see we both managed to get some decent shots. And I don''t care we looked suspicious! 

Thanks Clint and Anne for organising and towing, and Sara and Susan for boathandling.