Day dawned bright and beautiful, sandals and shorts in April not bad!.
Regretfully, bad news at the boatshed as Debbie was unwell so she and Chris
unable to join the party. Fortunately, Clint stepped in at last minute to
tow boat down to Plymouth and boat handle in the morning. Thanks Clint.

Out on the boat in the morning were Adrian K, Martin P , Dave Mac and
eventually, when we found him on the wrong slipway, new member Toby Mottram.
Sea conditions were slightly choppy with a cold Easterly breeze, so hats and
gloves soon were donned. However, Clint braved the elements with bare legs,
remarkably white after several weeks in The Caribbean!

Adrian and Martin were in first to find excellent conditions. 5m vis
although a chilly 10C. Swimming along seabed down the port side of the wreck
they discovered a hull section amidships which appears to have fallen out
recently, revealing a very large intact gas cylinder plus lots of
interesting pipe work. Continuing to the stern section, Adrian made an
excellent find of a ship's mug, with maker's mark and date stamped 1943 on
its base, all in pristine condition. Readers may care to see similar find
documented at This
find now sits in Adrian's house awaiting required documentation. A quick
look at the "light bulb" in the engine hold and then surface to make safe
Adrian's find.

Dave and Toby had a shallower dive as both were on first boat dive of the
year so limited to 15m. Nice swim along top of wreck and back with Toby
claiming to be nice and warm in his wetsuit whilst some of us dry suited
souls were feeling the cold!

There were four people on the second wave after lunch. First in was Brian J
and Anne M.  We went down the shot to the JEL and from the bow towards the
stern.  Lots of dead men's fingers growing up the side.  We saw a spider
crab and lots of fish including cuckoo wrasse.  We have one puzzle from the
dive - we saw a fish which was fish shaped but had wings (a bit like a ray)
and it was moving them in an undulating fashion and was very translucent.
First thought was that it was a cuttlefish but it was a definite fish.  Anne
has been trying to identify it but no luck so far.

Second dive was Clint and James, doing his fourth open water lesson. They
had a good dive and finished it off with a CBL to the surface from the top
of the JEL and a tow to the boat. A very successful afternoon.

Submitted by Martin Pratt and Anne Massam.