A few of us decided that based on the weather, taking the boat was going to be more effort than was worthwhile, so we opted for an early morning start in Babbacombe, shore diving in the bay.

Planning to meet at 8:30 am, everyone was nice and early, and Adrian and I were joined by Geoff, Sue, Liv and Nik for the morning.  I was diving with Nik, with a camera each, and off we went - just in time for high tide, giving us a nice short walk to the water!

Water's a bit chilly on the face still, but otherwise fine, and still reasonably clear - starting to get bits of algae floating around, but we still had good visibility.

Nik and I managed to find a few critters, including a few swimming crabs, a couple of Edible crabs, and even a teeny long-legged spider crab.

Back on shore after 40+ minutes, and watching out for the other pairs - Sue and Liv decided to criss-cross the bay a few times, whilst Geoff and Adrian thought it would be fun to (unintentionally) swim around the end of the harbour wall into the next bay.  SMB's certainly make shore cover much easier given Adrian's navigation skills!

Babbacombe Bay Nik and some weed

Long-legged Spider Crab Tube worm

More photos in my Picasa Album.