Flat calm seas, neap tides and a perfect weather forecast gave us the perfect opportunity to take Viking out to Eddystone Lighthouse to explore the fantastic bedrock reefs extending out from the rocks under the lighthouse. 

After an early start for Ian and Phil H, which was almost a bit too early for Viking who had jammed a trailer brake on and didn’t want to leave the garage, we met up with Dave Mac, Phil T and Fin at Mountbatten, got the boat loaded, launched, and after saying hello to friends from Plymouth Sound BSAC who were heading off for a dive at Hands Deep, we headed off out to the lighthouse.  As Phil H steered Viking out to the breakwater we could already see Douglass’ lighthouse standing on the horizon and a calm sea between us which was only broken up when we had to do a man overboard drill to go and rescue Dave Mac’s hat.

Phil T and Dave Mac dived first, diving off the south west of the lighthouse, through the gullies, ending up almost under the tower.  Ian and Phil H dived second on a hump of reef to the south east of the site, experiencing 15m vis finding rocks packed full of jewel anemones, pink sea fans, urchins, bright yellow boring sponges and being circled by wrasse.

Coming up through the thermocline at about 15m we got to the top the reef and deployed the dSMB to come up.  After almost being met by Fin on the deco stop we spotted Viking and jumped back on the boat.  After a quick drink and some Haribo we headed back into the Mewstone for a second dive.

Our second dive was down in the gullies on the south side of the Mewstone.  This site is well covered in kelp, a few different species of starfish, sea cucumbers, urchins and more wrasse.  The vis was still spectacular in here so we had a good dive rummaging around.

Back at Mountbatten we got the boat back on the trailer, kit packed away and headed back to Exeter to grab ice creams whilst washing Viking down, finishing off a cracking day.

Video from Eddystone can be found on YouTube