Sunday evening was a nice, calm, cool evening for a high water slack dive off Exmouth pier.  The pier is an interesting shore dive, where old pier workings, mussel beds, and a deep pool can be found.  Phil T, Phil H and I descended down the slipway (which is still closed to boat traffic) and headed up the estuary.  Picking up the end of the incoming tide, we slowly drifted up under the pier, watching the seabed going by.  We stopped for a short while to look around some of the pier workings and our torches attracted about six Tompot blennies, all intrigued as to what we are doing.  Moving on we found a common eel scavenging on a dead fish with a couple of velvet swimming crabs.  Further rummaging found a discarded pair of sunglasses, which amazingly fit over a mask, and loads of discarded fishing gear.  As the tide turned we drifted back towards the slipway, seeing more Tompot blennies and some prawns hiding in some rocks.  We managed to surface just before sunset so saw that going down over the hills behind Dawlish.