We have had another fantastic day out at Eddystone Lighthouse and the Mew Stone.  The forecast of neap tides, a calm sea and better visibility tempted Debs, Chris, Phil H, Ken, Ian and Llucia out to Eddystone Lighthouse, unanimously deviating from the original plan to dive the Drop Off.  It didn’t take us long to get out to the Eddystone thanks to a flat sea and Chris’ heavy right hand on the throttle, and after checking where the other dive club RIBs were diving, Debs and Chris jumped in first, followed by Ken and Phil, then Llucia and Ian.  We were all greeted by lots of cuckoo wrasse, the males being attracted to cameras by flash guns and bubbles, and then getting angry with the reflections of themselves in masks.  One even attacked it’s reflection in my mask and Ken managed to take a selfie of himself with a wrasse.  The pink sea fans and jewel anemones were beautiful and colourful as ever, waving around in the slight swell and tide.  On our way back into Mountbatten we were met by a porpoise who popped up right in front of Viking.

The afternoon dive out at the Mew Stone was equally good.  After a misunderstanding over who supplies cylinders for dives and with Derek saving the day having brought spare bottles, Chris, John, Phil, Derek, Adrian C, Tom and Ian set off to the Mew Stone.  We managed to get the radio out of USA mode (top tip, only one person should press buttons on the VHF at a time), updated Brixham Coastguard with our plans, and went and dropped in at 17m off the south of the island.  Everybody had great fun exploring the gullies under the kelp, seeing lots of life, including a Thornback ray Chris and John spotted.  Adrian learnt how to use a delayed SMB, an essential skill for any diver who wishes to dive in the sometimes busy, lumpy, tidal waters around the UK.

After all the fresh air and sunshine the tow back to Exeter felt like a long one, but with Chris, Debs, Derek, John and Phil at EWSA, Viking was quickly washed down and put away after a fun day out for all.

Photos of the day can be found on our Facebook page