Another prompt start from the club house saw us down at the Polly Steps slipway, ready to go before everybody else.  The breeze was not too much for Nik to get some good high speed boat handling experience at the helm of Viking.  On site we checked the seabed around a buoy close to the position plotted on the GPS in case the wreck had a shot on it already, after discovering it wasn't we easily found the wreck and dropped the shot.  During it's descent to the seabed the shot weight missed the wreck, however with the visibility down at 2-3m at the seabed, Hannah and I found the wreck by accident having given up on finding it and were ascending to the surface.  From what we saw of the wreck through the gloom, there were winches, bollards and other superstructure covered in life, including lots of pink sea fans and the highlight of a small, inquisitive tompot blenny hiding in a pipe on the deck.  The poor vis put us off an afternoon dive on the Galicia so headed back to Exeter for an afternoon beer once washing Viking down.