Four of us dived off Beacon Cove on Saturday. It was the hottest Bank Holiday weekend EVER, or something like that, we were getting a bit warm by the time we'd walked all the way down from the car park top deck, but the water was a pleasant 12 degrees. Only a week ago it was 9 degrees!

Once in the water, we pootled off round to the east. The power boat races up top may have affected the critters, as we didn't see all that much. Still, quality not quantity. There were some small purse jellies, a couple of medium-sized wrasse and quite a few crabs and molluscs, plus shoals of juvenile fish at the transparent-with-bulging-eyes stage. We really startled a catshark/dogfish/rock salmon and a cuttlefish gave us the finger before speeding off into the distance.

We checked the sea grass thoroughly and found no sea horses - not that we expected to, but you live in hope - only a sea hare, moving a lot slower than his landlubber namesake. Maximum depth was just shy of six metres, so there was plenty of light. It's that time of year when the plankton is starting to bloom; just off the beach the water looked fantastically clear, a bit farther out there was still a respectable three metres or so viz.

Forty minutes or so and we headed back up to eat cake.

Look here for photos