We booked the Obsession II from Ilfracombe to dive Lundy Island last weekend. As soon as we arrived at the island, we could see seals bobbing around in the water. One was following a snorkeller. Our first dive was at Brazen Ward - quite a few of us encountered seals during our dives, including having fins nibbled at. There was a gentle drift north towards Gannet Rock, over kelp and rocks with numerous sea urchins, various fish, crabs, lobsters etc. The boat has a lift which makes getting back in sooo easy.

A lazy lunch in the sunshine as guillemots flew around us. A flotilla of kayaks passed, each pursued by a seal. After a decent surface interval we set off for the MV Robert, a wreck lying in around 25 metres of water. It's covered in plumose anemones and lots of nudibranchs. After the hour or so trip back to the mainland, those of us staying locally went for tea at the Ebrington Arms in Knowle - tasty food and excellent local ales.

Sunday dawned warm and sunny, so off we went again. First we picked up some sightseers from the island, and they spent their time birdwatching while we dived at Battery Point. This is a rocky, craggy site with lots of fish, sea urchins, starfish and big spider crabs. We surfaced to find our twitchers looking at a puffin on the island side, while gannets passed us out to sea and seals basked on the shore. After lunch we went round to The Knoll Pins, a pair of pinnacles on the east side of Lundy. There were seals in the water as we arrived. Descending, we found kelp, pink sea fans, anemones, lobsters, more fish... I'm not always good at identifying fish, but I recognise a wrasse when I see one and I saw lots! The whole weekend, there were small jellyfish everywhere, pulsing away - small purse jellyfish are always lovely but the purple ones with long tentacles were beautiful.

I've wanted to dive at Lundy for years and it was everything I hoped it would be. 

A few photos here https://www.flickr.com/photos/10304553@N05/albums/72157696113084801