It was on an overcast grey morning that five of us set off from the boat shed in search of a dive. It had already been decided on Friday night that we were going to attempt to dive the Maine wind permitting, launching from Hope Cove. The forecast for Sunday was SSE 1-3 soon backing 2-4 later NNW. Sea state smooth-slight. At the boat shed there were mutterings of the Met. Office having got it wrong again, but we decided to go anyway.

On arrival at Inner Hope, Paul (Hewitt) and I noticed some rather large waves around bolt tail which we thought might hamper our efforts to get to the dive site. We loaded the boat and, after what seemed like an age to Paul and Adrian, we eventually got under way. The few 4-5 ft waves at Bolt Tail were no problem to this bunch of seasoned divers. After rounding the headland the sea settled out and afforded us a moderately comfortable ride out.

The first mistake (First? what about the missing shot - Adrian.) of the day was to believe that the waypoint in the gps marked Maine was right. After going over the area repeatedly the sounder was showing nothing, nor did we fare any better with the waypoint marked maine2. However, undaunted as we were, we found the wreck under the waypoint 28. After hooking the wreck first time we settled down to wait for slack water.

The first to dive were Adrian and Nigel, next up were Paul and myself. The first thing that struck me on entry was not my torch, but how clear the water looked. As we descended I kept thinking that the "gloom" would soon start to cloud this excellent vis. How wrong I was, we had about 10 meters vis !!! and no I am not embellishing at all, we really did have 10 meters vis.

The shot line had fallen off the wreck and had landed in some debris on the starboard (right) side of the wreck about half way between bow and stern (front and back). First thing we did was to send the shot back to the surface, courtesy of Nigel`s lifting bag. We then proceeded to fin our way up to the bows, then returned along the port side to a point just in front of the boilers where we entered the wreck. Fining through the ship to the stern, we exited at deck level, dipped down to where the prop was, then finned back along the starboard side. We re-entered the ship at deck level just aft of the boilers, before sending our delayed smb up from a point forward of the boilers. This has to be the best dive this year so far and hopefully we can improve on it.