We were slicker than a greased slick thing on Saturday (apart from the tow electrics - sorry Chris, but they worked fine with McDave's car on Sunday).

It was rougher than our average dive trips, but within safe limits. Very nice dive had by Derek, Chris, Alan and Alan on the Soudan. Our new GPS marks for it and our expertise with the echosounder meant that our shot was next to the boilers!! We were a well oiled diving machine on the boat - driving, GPS, shot placement, kitting up, diving etc. etc.

The second dive, the Riversdale, was great, as Chris (Giles) described it. The only hiccup was that my computer didn't switch to the deco gas when we arrived at our stops. This meant that while I was breathing 40% Nitrox, my computer calculated my deco using 28% - the computer kept me down longer than was actually required. It was a nice day on the deco stop, so I didn't mind the extra wait. If I had come up (safely in reality) before my computer calculated I could, it would have bent my computer. I wanted to dive Sunday as well as Saturday, and the extra time was no problem (I had 90Bar left in my twinset), so I kept my computer happy.

P.S. I know how to get the computer to work next time...