Hmmm. It was looking like a slick operation when Dave and I turned up at the boat shed. Derek and Chris already had the boat sitting ready to be hooked up. Dave checked the tow electrics, and all was well. Here endeth the slickness!

On arrival at Lyme Regis we discovered that they've ripped up the slipways!! Lyme will be unusable to us until March, when the new improved super-slip is intended to be operational. We were a bit disappointed that no mention of this was made when we were last at Lyme - LAST WEEK. There were no posters in evidence, at all, none, whatsoever...

Luckily, for the M2 dive last month, we had used Bridport, West Bay slip (the next slip to the east of Lyme) - so we knew it existed and where it was. We had a look at the tide chart and saw we had sufficient window for at least one wave of divers without having problems with the tide (West Bay can dry at low water).

We headed off to West Bay. After queuing in a traffic jam (more bad luck) we arrived in West Bay to find it only moderately busy as a town, with little diving going on. We launched after checking that the harbour was not going to dry - neap tides - so we could recover when we wanted. We motored out to the Gibel Hamam (who names these things?) using the points in the boat GPS. We made pretty good time; although the waves were there, we weren't crashing around. We commenced a search for the wreck, and saw it on the echo sounder, in went the shot. We dragged the shot about a bit, confirming that the wreck was there on the echo sounder.

Wayne (guest) had a spot of equipment trouble so Dave and I went down alone - lucky Wayne. We needed our torches to see that there wasn't anything to see (it was dark, viz 2m ish). We aborted after a bit of finning around. After a messy ascent the dive was topped off by Dave being sick when back on the boat! We were later told by a commercial boat driver's mate that we were very close to the wreck - a bit better viz we probably would have found it (C'est le plongee - as they probably don't say in France). If you're looking for a dive boat in West Bay (for East Lyme bay diving), the Huntress is probably worth checking out.

Our senses of humour still intact we headed back toward West Bay looking for shallower water, the others on the boat being too intelligent to want to try Dave and myself's dive out (no sense of adventure!). We used the boat's GPS marks for Sawtooth Ledges, and a lobster pot line for descent. Wayne, Derek and Chris came up saying they'd had good dives (good viz, scallops etc etc etc), so Dave and I felt better about 'disaster day'.

After a fish and chip din-dins we returned the boat to the shed.

Cheers to all involved, on both days (especially towers).