We are supposed to be flying at 'sea level', but I reckon on between 2 and 5 thousand feet judging from the lights below. Perhaps they are trading speed against flying a long way out over the sea to avoid mountains. Frode starts getting a lot of pain in his right fingers. If he didn't have a bend, he does now. 

We land about 4am and transfer straight to the chamber, which is on a military base. Minisubs stand either side of the entrance. We are tested again by Doctor Aanderud, Frode nearly falls over with the stand on one leg bit. Hmmm. We are going to be recompressed on USN Table 6, which is about an hour at 18, 3.5 at 9m plus ascent. 20 minutes bouts of O2 with 5 minute air breaks. Glad I took the books in with me. We have some drinks and food, but otherwise the pot is quite boring. It is a relief when it is all over and we can get out. I have taken the dive computer in with us. It is quite bent, it wants another 18 hours of stops please. The treatment has made no difference to my symptoms, but the doctor is happy that I did not have DCI.

Max. depth 18m, 300 minutes, 100% with air breaks, 16°C

We are taken to the local hospital, where a different doctor tests us again. Nothing wrong with us. I finally get to speak to the insurance company to start the paperwork side of things. I hope that bit works out well.

Some blood samples are taken and then we are booked into the hospital hotel. We meet the local doctor and the diving doctor on the stairs and have a bit of a chat. We should be going home in the morning. The hotel is very good, but Frode tells me that they are not usually this good. We have full board, but we are too tired to go into town, so just get our first kip of about 36 hours. We wake up just in time to get some food, then back to the room for more sleep.