Well...we were feeling the urge to submerge again, so at the club meeting talk turned to sorting out a dive trip.  Unfortunately the weather made the sea a less than tempting choice; we decided to repeat the Double Locks experience.  Rumours of treasure just laying on the canal bed drove us wild with anticipation, or was it the prospect of a Double Locks breakfast with a pint?

Thanks to Lucy Boustred for the photos, which show just what a beautiful clear day we had.

Also thanks to Clint (and his fluorescent coat) for providing a bit of shore cover. Say what you like about his sartorial elegance (or lack thereof), but he wasn''t stupid enough to want to dive in the canal!

Kitting up

Adrian and Steve kitting up in the car park


Adrian and Steve surface with their treasure haul...the surface cover isn''t too impressed!


While Adrian and Steve only bought back plates and glasses, Chris and I recovered the mother-load!

I found a Gold Ring, pair of forceps (for removing hooks from fish) and a Bicycle!!!

The gold ring alone, was later valued at fifty to sixty pence, or would have been if it wasn''t already broken.

Part of my treasure lies foolishly unguarded (see picture below)...anybody could have come along and stolen it. Next time we''ll bring a troop of armed guards, so that taking crazy risks like this won''t be necessary.

Then we all went off for a cooked breakfast to complete this pleasant January dive morning.