Well there were 5 of us diving today. We could not decide where to dive, so headed off for Plymouth about 8:30. We finally decided on the ''Rosehill'' about half-an-hour after arriving.

The sea was calm, and it did not take long to get there. We dropped the shot in just off another shot - really to make space. Those on another boat were happy to let us use theirs, but no divers were in yet.  Dave McDonald, Brian Greenwood and myself were diving as a three, to be followed by Clint and Chris Giles. The vis was fair 3/4/5m. Lots of nice large pollack, and a huge conger plus other smaller ones. There were a few scallops around, mainly small ones though. Clint was after some, but he may have to wait. For those who don''t know the Rosehill, it is very broken up, rather like the Persier. As we were near low water on Spring tides, the depth was a tad over 28m. This was good as we were all on singles, rather than the twins that a few of us have been using of late. We had a bottom time of 24 minutes diving on air, requiring only a couple of minutes of deco on a slow ascent, total time 34 minutes. We were keeping things short to keep the day short and not be out in the dark.

I''ll let Chris write about their dive...

After a return to Mountbatten for full cylinders, and chips from Sutton Quay, we headed to the second site of Barn Pool. This is near Mount Edgecombe on the Cornish side of the Sound. After letting the Long Room (VHF Channel 14) know we were diving there, Chris, Dave  and myself dropped in. We made a rapid descent to avoid current drift, and entered a very gloomy world. A scallop bash had been ordered and we gave it our best. Very dark though - I even managed to bump into a dogfish. After about 23 minutes we started our ascent, Chris had had a duff fill of about 150bar. Teach him to check it! Total dive time was 29 minutes, max depth 23.5m

We retrieved the boat as quickly as possible on a busy slip, and we were back at the boat shed by about 16:45. After washing down etc. I was home by 5:20. So a relatively short day too.

Clint got his scallops.