Paul, the usual "Dive Correspondent" was not able to dive, although he was there in his capacity as boat handler and all round good guy (thanks Paul). The duty of reporting the dive falls to me. Now please bare with me as I am not used to this sort of thing and, as an Engineer, not expected to put so much as a coherent sentence together much less a dive report. We'll see how we go.

I picked Paul up at a sensible time and arrived early at the boat shed to be confronted with the all too familiar wall of trailers and vans parked in front of the boat shed doors. KEEP CLEAR ought to be a bit of a clue! We packed up and left for Salcombe.

Paul's GPS marks got us nearly on top of the boilers of the Soudan. Brian Greenwood and myself descended the shot into 4 to 5 meter viz and finned south east for about 10 meters and found the boilers. Which turned out to be home to a couple of rather large Congers and assorted other small fish. It goes some way to show Conger eels hunting prowess that there were no larger fish living around the boilers (smart fish). At this point Brian spotted a crab under a steel plate and went hunter gathering. I moved into a position to hold my torch on the fracas and lend some assistance in apprehending the crab. I realised that I had put my head about 3 inches from the front door of Eric the Eel's cubby hole and my mind went back to that scene in the film "The Deep". A hasty move was in order.

So on with the dive. A quick fin into the current found a bit more wreck and a good size flatty which escaped my knife by the skin of it's teeth. Also a nice Cuttlefish, which didn't want to play despite my best finger wriggling. Also spotted was a rather nice John Dory, an Anderson Consulting baseball cap and a tin of Stella, alas empty. Back to the boilers, a quick chat with our new friends in their hidey holes (still not coming out to play), find the shot, and up.

Brian and myself had an absolute cracker of a dive with good viz and lots to look at, which leaves Buddy pair no. 2. Kevin and Rob Crump who had a bit of a nightmare from leaky masks and blobs coming adrift from reels to missing the wreck and having a twenty five minute sand dive. As they say shirt happens, and twice on Saturday at that.