'They' said we weren't stupid enough...to go diving in February - they were wrong!

That's right - who's laughing now? We dove the Galicia on Sunday.

Clint set a depth limit of around 15m for the first dive of the year (bear this in mind for your first dive). The boat had been serviced over the winter, so Teignmouth gave us a short trip back if we had problems.

The 'we' being;

Dave McDonald (tow-er)
Chris Giles
Nigel Chappell
Paul Hewitt (me)

We set out from the boat shed a bit later than normal, as the schedule didn't require an early start.

The sky was blue and the wind a slightly less than balmy 15mph Northerly. At least the direction of the wind meant that the waves were small as we travelled the 5km out from Teignmouth to the wreck of the Galicia.

Chris was pleased to see the bottom of the Teign estuary channel when giving the boat a quick check out, the vis was far better than expected.

First in were Dave and Nigel who spent 44 minutes on the dive (staying out of deco - first dive of the year). They came up happy, talking of great vis (6-7 metres!), but a bit cold. What did they expect? 44 minutes in 8 degree water!

Chris and I then kitted up and rolled in. We were similarly impressed with the vis, as we lazily swam around the wreckage. Unlike Nigel, Chris and I found and picked up a few scallops. We also came across a grapnel which was retrieved. Found a lobster, but left it alone as it was carrying eggs. We came up after 46 minutes. Chris said his hands and feet were cold, my hands were chilly.

After drinking some coffee and hot chocolate, we made our way back to Teignmouth smiling. An unexpectedly good dive and day.

P.S. Special thanks are due to Phil, who came to the boat shed at 7pm on Saturday to fit a new battery, check the new brakes etc. Much appreciated.