While we had considered the ''Boma'' and ''The Exeters'' before the weekend, we reconsidered on Sunday.


Senior Clint
Clint Jr

The wind chill on Saturday made us think twice about the long chug back from the ''Boma'', those who could have dived ''The Exeters'' decided not to, to reduce the trip length for the others.

Clint Jr was doing his first dive of the year, so we headed for the ''Galicia''. This meant he had something to look at whilst he chilled out in his semi-dry...

Vis was slightly down on last week, 3-4m by my reckoning, however, one man''s 3-4 was another man''s 4- 5m. One day we''ll have to take a tape measure down.

We then recovered to Exeter.

Thanks to Clint for towing, and padding the number of people on the trip.

Hope you enjoyed the write-up.