Alas the Double Locks finally lived down to its reputation (after two sets of okay dives on previous occasions)...

Some divers (who probably wish to remain anonymous), anyway Mark, Dave, Steve, Nigel and I made our way to the Double Locks on Sunday the 21st of March.

Things were going fine until Nigel and Mark went diving, vis was 50cm (and I'm being generous here), it was like diving in tea (only cold). Despite this, Mark went in a second time with me, I'm sure this is some kind of comment on his character (but what? keen? mad? etc. etc.).

To complete the fiasco, Steve and Dave then went in so that Dave could do a qualification test. Dave made it back towing Steve, but Dave's mask went awol. Kind of doubtful we'll be seeing it again. At least Dave passed the test.

Thanks to Clint for shore cover and examination. Less said the better!