Steve, Dave, Chris Giles and I had our eye on the Eddystone for the 28th of March...this didn't quite come off...but we did go diving.

First dive of the year (in the sea) for Steve was done with me around Barn Pool within Plymouth Breakwater. This was to give Steve a suitable dive for his 15m limit first dive. We picked up a dozen, or so, Scallops as Steve was (at that point) quite hungry. The crabs were a little small, so we left them alone. Vis was around 3m with little current to speak of. Dave and Chris did the same dive, with Chris playing with his 7l stage cylinder (one of his new toys).

With the Eddy not being an option we headed off for Hilsea Point, which has the same kind of terrain. Steve went all nature loving and fed the fishes, he went off the idea of a Scallop tea - lucky for Dave.

The vis was a bit of a bonus 5-6m by my reckoning, Dave giving it an 8m (apparently the vis was better at his altitude). Either way, the vis was nice, we all had a pleasant wander around the pinnacles. Playing with dogfish, cuckoo wrasse (I think), a few Spider crabs and urchins. Just a bit on the chilly side at 8 degrees.

A good day's diving had by all.

P.S. Nigel is up for diving next Saturday, Chris and Dave can only make Sunday. Have a think about what days you can make... We'll be keeping an eye on the weather.