Gareth Lock, from The Diving Incident and Safety Resource Centre is coming to the clubhouse on Friday the 23rd of March to give a presentation on Diving Incidents and Safety.  Doors open at 7:30pm, with Gareth starting at 8pm.  Tickets are available on the door for £2.

Gareth Lock is the founder of Cognitas, an organisation promoting a "just culture" among divers and highlighting the need to encourage divers to report all incidents, however minor or innocuous they appear to be at the time. He has presented at international dive conferences and individual clubs, tailoring his presentation to the audience skill set and interests.

Gareth himself is a highly qualified diver and underwater photographer, and as well as running Cognitas in his spare time he also manages to hold down a very full time job as a serving officer in the RAF. His RAF background has seen him undertake Human Factors and Crew Resource Management training and apply that knowledge to both operational and training sorties as a supervisor of aircrew and equipment design through trials and development activity. He has drawn strongly from this and the lessons learned, applying them to diving. He is currently undertaking a PhD to examine safety management systems in aviation/medicine/construction and apply them to sport diving taking into account the fact that sport diving is poorly funded and not legislated (nor should be).

Gareth's talk gives a fascinating insight into the causal factors behind diving incidents and lessons we can learn to promote safer diving practices, thus hoping to prevent further incidents occurring. He uses a real life case study as a discussion point, leaving the participants thinking about dive planning and execution on an even deeper level.