Try-Dives are held on Wednesday evenings, so if you are interested, please get in touch with our Training Officer! We only really need a few days notice, so please do get in touch to have a go.  The following article is about a larger, organised try-dive event, which we also hold from time to time.


You remember the song from "ol blue eyes", the one about New York being so good that they had to name it twice? Well, our "Come and Dive" night was so popular that we had to do it twice!

But not only that. We have so many Ocean Diver trainees we have to double our pool sessions

We had registered with BSAC HQ to join the National "Come and Dive" campaign during the week beginning 26 September. Wannabee Try-Divers could register via the HQ website. Several people registered and came along to the Pyramids Pool on Wednesday 28 September to join several others who had booked via the Branch website or by word of mouth.

The pool was full of potential divers of all shapes, sizes and ages. The youngest was thirteen, the oldest was..well, over twenty-one. A photographer from the Exeter Express and Echo came to take photos of all the beautiful people, so Pete Wood and Clint Currie were asked to stay out of sight (the poor sods still don't understand why!).

It was tremendous to see the pool so full of lots of people really enjoying themselves. Huge smiles were on the faces of everyone wherever you looked. A super photo of many of the Try-Divers was published the following day in the E&E newspaper, along with a rather strange-looking Chris Giles. (An update from Chris' plastic surgeon is that he will be looking much better after just a few more treatments. Unfortunately, the treatments from his psychiatrist will take longer)

But it didn't stop there. The following Friday saw many of the Try-Divers come to the clubhouse bar to watch a part of the "Ocean Diver" video and hear more about diving, BSAC, our Branch and the Ocean Diver course. But it didn't stop there. The first Try-Dive event was over-subscribed so we had to do it twice! The following Wednesday saw the pool full again. Happy faces again. Wonderful.

But it didn't stop there. The following Friday saw the rest of the Try-Divers come to the clubhouse bar for a repeat of the first event. But it didn't stop there. We now have so many who want to undertake the Ocean Diver course that we have to alternate the pool sessions to accommodate them all.

We love scuba and love training potential divers. Now it is twice as nice. Some of our helpful members and other participants from the two evenings.